About  The Rowan Organisation

Who we are

The Rowan Organisation is a leading Direct Payments, Personal Budgets and Personal Health Budgets support organisation. We are a User Led Organisation (ULO), Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee which provides support to disabled people, families and children, older people, carers and people with health needs from birth to end of life in order to maximise their opportunity for independence.

We recognise that all service users are individuals and have different support needs and, therefore, different requirements of the service. Support is delivered by putting the person at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that all processes are clear and accessible. This promotes the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for both the person and their support network, enabling the person to be in control of their Direct Payment, Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget and ultimately, their own care and support.


The Rowan Organisation has been involved in delivering Direct Payments Support since they were introduced in 1997. The majority of the schemes that we operate have been made available to all potential user groups as they were made eligible by subsequent legislation. Prior to 1997 we had been providing a Third Party Payment Scheme in Warwickshire since the early 1990s and as such have over thirty years’ experience of supporting people to use funds provided by the Local Authority.

We have developed a number of Direct Payments Support Services which have been targeted at specific user groups; in particular this has included support for groups that were under-represented in the take up of Direct Payments. This includes support to people with learning difficulties and people with mental ill-health which has included the use of advanced directives for people with fluctuating conditions, so that they can still retain control of decisions that affect them even when they no longer have the capacity to make those decisions.

We have a proven track record in supporting people by providing relevant, up to date information, advice and support to enable them to make informed choices around their use of Direct Payments, Personal Budgets and Personal Health Budgets and how to maximise their opportunities for independence and control.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the empowerment of disabled people by supporting them to overcome their barriers, be they physical, institutional or attitudinal, which prevent them from achieving their objectives, or which limit their choice and prevent them from being in control of their lives.

Vision Statement

“A Society that is fully inclusive in which the barriers, whether environmental, attitudinal or institutional, that prevent disabled people from having equality of opportunity have been removed.”

Mission Statement

“The Rowan Organisation exists to provide disabled people with access to information and support in order that they can make informed choices and be in control of their lives.”

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