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The Rowan Organisation has a small team covering Conwy, Denbighshire and Gwynedd, comprising of Karen Smith (Deputy Chief Executive Officer), Richard Roberts (North Wales Direct Payments Manager) and Independent Living Advisers; Jan Dodd, Fiona Owens, Jacqui Renwick, Gail Silver and Mandy Morsley.

Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience and our aim is to provide you with information and support with regards to Direct Payments.

In the initial stages, we can provide general information about Direct Payments and of how they may suit your needs. Then, should you decide to proceed with Direct Payments, we can support you with the practical tasks such as opening a bank account, the completion of associated paperwork, recruiting new staff and of course, ongoing support to become, and continue to be, a good employer.

We hope that in time, people receiving Direct Payments will benefit from increased confidence and independence and naturally, this will result in you requiring less support from ourselves. However, should your circumstances change for any reason, and you`d like a little helping hand, please feel free to contact us and we will pick up where we left off.

Our Head Office is based in Coventry and we also have a Welsh office in Bangor, in order to provide our services bilingually. From here, payroll is processed for all welsh speakers in Wales.

Head Office is manned between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The Welsh office is manned Monday to Thursday 9.00am til 5.00pm and from 9.00am til 4.30pm on Fridays.

To contact us, please contact our Information Team on the freephone numbers of:

01248 668750 for Welsh Speakers

0800 783 1755 for English Speakers

Fax: 01248 668751

You can e-mail the Information Service.

Our Welsh Office Address is:-

The Rowan Organisation
Unit D1A,
Llys Y Dderwen,
Parc Menai,
LL57 4BL

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our team is made up of...

Name Role One-Page-Profile
Karen Smith Deputy Chief Executive Officer Click here to see Karen's profile
Richard Roberts North Wales Direct Payments Manager Click here to see Richard's profile
Jan Dodd Independent Living Advisor Click here to see Jan's profile
Jacqui Renwick Independent Living Advisor Click here to see Jacqui's profile
Fiona Owens Independent Living Advisor
Mandy Morsley Independent Living Advisor Click here to see Mandy's profile

North Wales Peer Support Group

Would you like to meet other people who receive direct payments in Conwy or Denbighshire?

The North Wales Peer Support Group offers DP recipients with a great opportunity to both provide, and receive support from others. The best people to offer guidance on a subject such as Direct Payments are always those who have first hand knowledge and experience.

Peer Support Groups offer an invaluable opportunity to share ideas and suggestions as to how things may be improved...not only between yourselves, but to us, The Rowan Organisation, to your Local Authority and to other local community and voluntary organisations.

The group gives a great opportunity to meet and provide mutual support to fellow Direct Payments users, discuss matters of concern, share ideas and good practice and the opportunity to socialise.

Unfortunately the Support Group for Conwy & Denbighshire no longer meet due to lack of support and resources. If you are interested in starting a local group please speak to your local ILA or contact our Information Service on 02476 322860.

We look forward to meeting you.

Denbighshire County Council is committed to ensuring that Direct Payments will be offered to all those who meet the eligibility criteria, as a way of meeting assessed care needs.

To find out more about Direct Payments in Denbighshire, please visit their website here or telephone Denbighshire County Council First Contact Team on 01824 712900.

COVID – 19 Frequently Asked Questions 30th March 2020

We cannot deliver planned care and support as set out in the care plan, what are your expectations?

Answer: We understand the challenges that you are facing with delivering full care packages. We expect you to review all care calls with a view of reducing face to face contact as much as possible. Please keep Care brokers informed of changes to planned care and support as well as keeping a record of individual discussions you have had with citizens and their families around changing a care package.

If staff attend to a citizen displaying the symptoms of COVID -19, should the staff member self –isolate following the call?

Answer: No. Essential care calls need to be continued. Proper adherence to the infection control guidance and proper use of PPE will ensure staff do not carry the infection to other people.

In order to minimise contact – risk of infection, we would like to stop requesting citizens to sign timesheets. Can we do this?

Answer: Yes, as long as you keep a record of calls completed, we are happy for you to deliver care and support on trust during this time.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is running low, hand sanitiser and face masks in particular. Is there any assistance available to source the equipment? Can we access Local Authority supplies?

Answer: A separate communication regarding essential PPE supplies and how to access it has been circulated via PPE@denbighshire.gov.uk You will have also received a request for PPE stock form which should also be emailed to this address. All PPE enquiries should be sent to this email address in the first instance.

When are Providers likely to be issued with more specialist PPE equipment that is required to be used when caring for someone who has contracted COVID 19?

Answer: The shortage of PPE is a nationwide issue, we continue to make representation to Welsh Government on the need for appropriate PPE for the Social Care sector and we will share any information as soon as we get it. Please direct any queries to PPE@denbighshire.gov.uk.

Staff – some staff are self-isolating; we are experiencing difficulties in ensuring all calls are covered. Are there any plans for assistance from the Local Authority to supply staff to assist, or access to any alternative staff resources?

Answer: It is important that you become familiar with the reasons why individual staff members are self-isolating, and the latest guidelines issued, where this is because of a staff member being symptomatic or being exposed, you should monitor their time off and encourage them to return to work as soon as their isolation period is over.

We are currently working on prioritising care calls to ensure the most vulnerable are kept as safe as possible. Should an individual provider be experiencing problems to an extent that they cannot keep an individual safe, please contact the Care brokers. We are working with the wider council, CIW and other partners to develop a contingency response that could support the whole care sector if needed. You will have received an invite for a video conference, provider meeting for this week, this will be an opportunity for us to discuss the challenges we are facing and to consider possible solutions.

Retainers – some citizens are cancelling their care calls as a precaution, where do providers stand with payment of cancelled calls?

Answer: For domiciliary and supported living services, Denbighshire will allow Agencies to charge a retainer for those citizens choosing to self-isolate at 100% of the contracted rate for up to four weeks. We will review this arrangement after the initial four weeks.

We would expect them to:

  • identify the calls as retained on their invoices
  • for the Care brokers to have been notified, contact details: e-mail: carebrokers@denbighshire.gov.uk Ffon/Tel: 01824 706388 01824 708312
  • that any surplus staff are redeployed to pressure areas, (or notify Care brokers that the Agency has availability.

If staff or a citizen is displaying the symptoms of COVID -19, are there any plans to test them for the virus and if so, where can they be tested?

Answer: We are working with BCU to address this issue but have no further information at this point. Please visit the NHS dedicated website for up to date information. https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19

Is there any information available about shortage of provisions, food and fuel?

Answer: We do not have any information available at this time beyond that which is public knowledge. Suppliers and supermarkets are rationing where possible and government advice continues to be not to stockpile provisions. Provisions are still available, however in much reduced quantities and are intermittently available. Contact is being made with supermarkets to address this issue.

Menter a busnes are a not-for-profit economic development company funded by the Welsh Government to support Welsh Food & Drink producers. They are offering to provide support to organisations who serve vulnerable people in the community, who may benefit from any additional help available with contingency arrangements for food and drink supply during the current COVID-19 situation. They do not distribute or sell any food directly ourselves, but they are looking to match up those organisations in need with food and drink producers across Wales who can meet those urgent needs. If at any point over the upcoming weeks and months any supply gaps and challenges appear in relation to food and drink you can contact them on their central project phone number 01938 530 530.

Rowland Pharmacies have announced that as from next week they will no longer be dispensing medication in blister packs. This will mean that calls will take longer and be a hazard for dementia sufferers. Is this just Rowlands Pharmacies that are taking this action?

Answer: At this point in time we are only aware of this one pharmacy, however it seems likely that others will follow suit. Boots the Chemist stopped providing the free service to Residential homes some time ago. They provided e-training to providers to help them to manage this. This issue is being raised with Welsh Government. Could we please ask Providers to report any problems this causes to Care Brokers?

Are Care Homes still expected to provide information about current vacancies, and what is the preferred way for them to do this? Appreciate that you will need this information to be updated regularly.

Answer: You have received a notification from Welsh Government. They have introduced a tool to record vacancies via the DEWIS website. We encourage you to do this. The aim of this is to support you as care providers as well as commissioners and hospital discharge teams in reducing the volume of calls for vacancy information. To register you will need to follow these instructions.

The website can be accessed via this link https://www.dewis.wales. You’ll need to ‘Sign up’ to create an account using the email address that this email was sent to. Once signed in, simply go to ‘Manage Resources’ then ‘Resources you are responsible for’ where you’ll see your home(s) listed. Clicking on the ‘Vacancies’ button against each home will allow you to update its vacancy information. Simply press the green ‘Save your changes’ button when done. For the next few weeks, you can access support to update your information by calling 07773 486891 between 8am and 8pm daily. You can also access support by emailing help@dewis.wales.

We are having difficulties with supermarkets allowing us to buy sufficient provisions.

Answer: If staff do not have ID badges, we suggest that you send a letter on headed paper explaining why you are purchasing a higher number of goods.

Should members of staff who have health conditions such as asthma or COPD automatically self-isolate even if they are not displaying any symptoms of the virus?

Answer: Please see below advice issued by NHS UK


Other useful information:

The following website gives HMRC Guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.


The following website provides contact details of services that are offering assistance to citizens at this time.

English: www.denbighshire.gov.uk/community-resources or www.denbighshire.gov.uk/communityresources

Welsh: https://www.sirddinbych.gov.uk/adnoddau-cymunedol or https://www.sirddinbych.gov.uk/adnoddaucymunedol.

Please find our Autumn Newsletter below. Please click on the image to open the letter.

Autumn Newsletter (Welsh)

Autumn Newsletter (English)

New PA Guidebook available.

There is a new PA Guidebook available and it can be found www.paonlineguidebookwales.co.uk.

This online resource aims to provide anyone who is either already working as a Personal Assistant in social care or thinking of joining the profession with an up-to-date and accessible way to learn more about the role of the PA, gain awareness of the key issues PAs face and access sources of further information, learning and support.

Darparwyr Hyfforddiant Sir Dinbych


Yn ddarparwr hyfforddiant ansawdd, proffesiynol a chost-effeithiol gyda swyddfeydd yn Sir Ddinbych a Chonwy ac sydd â'r gallu i ddarparu hyfforddiant ar draws Gogledd Cymru.
Mae'r cyrsiau'n cynnwys Iechyd a Diogelwch, Ymwybyddiaeth o Strôc, Iechyd, Gofal Cymdeithasol, Gofal Plant ac Iechyd Meddwl
ffon; 01745 538953


Are a quality, professional and cost effective training provider with offices in Denbighshire and Conwy and have the capabilities to deliver training across North Wales.
Courses include Health & Safety, Stroke Awareness, Health Social Care, Childcare and Mental Health
Tel; 01745 538953

Dinbych - Yr Ysgol Genedlaethol o Hyfforddiant Cymorth Cyntaf

ffon; 0330 2232801

Denbighshire - The National School of First Aid Training

Tel; 0330 2232801

Hyfforddiant Robert Jones

Hyfforddwyr Arbenigol yn y Sector Gofal
Cynnig hyfforddiant mewn meysydd hyfforddiant generig gan gynnwys iechyd a diogelwch, cymorth cyntaf, POVA, Iechyd Meddwl a Dementia yr Henoed a thrin â llaw
ffon; 01745 730 079 / 07748 700 330

Hyfforddiant Robert Jones Training

Specialist Trainers in the Care Sector
Offer training in areas of generic training including health and safety, first aid, POVA, Elderly Mental Health & Dementia and manual handling
Tel; 01745 730 079 / 07748 700 330

Gweithlu Gofal Cymdeithasol Sir Ddinbych

Darparu cyrsiau hyfforddi am ddim i ddarparwyr gofal cymdeithasol ar draws y sector cyfan yn Sir Ddinbych. Mae'r cyrsiau'n cynnwys Symud a Thrin, Urddas a Pharch, Cymorth Cyntaf a Gweinyddu Meddyginiaethau
I weld calendr hyfforddi ewch i
E-bost; scwdp@denbighshire.gov.uk

Denbighshire Social Care Workforce

Provide free training courses for providers of social care across the whole sector in Denbighshire. Courses include Moving & Handling, Dignity & Respect, First Aid and Administration of Medication
To view training calendar go to
Email; scwdp@denbighshire.gov.uk

Y Safle Cenedlaethol ar gyfer Anhwylderau Sbectrwm Awtistiaeth (ASD).

Yma fe welwch wybodaeth am fanylion y gwasanaeth, anawsterau hyfforddi a diweddariadau ar weithredu'r Cynllun Strategol ASD ar gyfer Cymru ynghylch Anhwylderau'r Sbectrwm Awtistig (gan gynnwys Syndrom Awtistiaeth a Asperger).
Tel; 029 2046 8675
E-bost; ASDINFO@WLGA.gov.uk

The National Site for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Here you will find information about Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome) service details, training opportunities and updates on the implementation of the ASD Strategic Plan for Wales.
Tel; 029 2046 8675
Email; ASDINFO@WLGA.gov.uk

Cyngor Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol Sir Ddinbych

Cynnig cyrsiau hyfforddi amrywiol ar bynciau megis Cymorth Cyntaf a Chodi â Llaw, fel arfer ar gost o £35 y person bob dydd.
ffon: 01824 702441

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council

Offer various training courses on topics such as First Aid and Manual Handling, usually at a cost of £35 per person per day.
Tel: 01824 702441

Do you need money for for training?

If you employ your own care and support staff using a social care budget or your own money you can apply to Skills for Care to get money for training for you and your personal assistant. The money that is available is called individual employer funding.

Examples of the type of training you could use the money for are:-

  • Moving & Assisting
  • First Aid
  • Communication
  • Dementia Awwareness
  • Risk Assessment

To apply for the money and for further information please click here.


Training and Events Digest

Fundraising camp - 25 September, Cardiff

Brought to you by UK Fundraising, WCVA, Institute of Fundraising and the Wales Millennium Centre, this ‘unconference’-style event is ‘informal and relentlessly practical’ and completely shaped by the fundraising questions you want answered!

Spend a day learning, talking about and maybe even solving the issues and challenges you face in your fundraising. Learn from other fundraisers in your area, find out how they've dealt with similar problems, and share your experience. Find out more about this unique event and book your place by clicking on the link above.

For further Events and Training dates please click here.

UNISON Cymru/Wales Personal Learning Grants

For UNISON MEMBERS working in a social care setting, e.g. local authority, private or charity-run/voluntary aided homes or employed directly by individuals.

For further information please click here.

Welsh Council for Voluntary Action - Training and events digest.

Get the knowledge, skills and confidence to plan, prepare and deliver training sessions with this three day accredited course. One of our most popular courses, Training Skills gives you an overview of learning theory, provides practical planning tools for designing and evaluating, and helps prepare you for delivering your training. The course is ideal for those who are new to training and/or may have taken on a training role in their organisation for the first time.

For further information and details please click here.

Betsi Cadwalade University

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board are pleased to offer Leadership & management, Manual Handling and Violence & Aggression training.

New dates have been released for the following sessions:-

HCSW CPD Sessions, including:-

  • Sensory Loss
  • Catheter Care
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Documentation
  • De-escalation and Breakaway in Dementia Care
  • Fairness, Rights and Responsibilities

If you would to make a booking or further information regarding available courses or room hire across North Wales, please e-mail ABH.TrainingGroup@wales.nhs.uk.

Awareness courses and software training for disabled people

Click on this link for further information.

Free staff training/ fforddiant staff am ddim

The CADCentre UK Ltd is an approved training provider working in partnership with the Welsh Government to deliver the Work Based Learning training scheme. The aim of the scheme is to provide high-quality vocational training and assessment without incurring any financial costs to the employer whatsoever.

The training courses are FREE OF CHARGE and, after successful completion, the staff will receive City & Guilds certification. The training is predominantly for Welsh speaking staff, however if you have English speaking staff who are interested they can work on a 1:1 ratio.

Courses available are:-

  • Using IT - This course is suitable for all employees who use a computer on a daily basis. The qualification consists of training in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) along with Improving Productivity by Using IT and IT User Fundamentals. (There is also an advanced course for competent IT Users).
  • Business & Administration - This course is suitable for any staff in an administrative position. The qualification covers a wide range of topics from managing customer relations to using IT systems.
  • Customer Service - This course is for staff who are responsible for delivering customer service and who interact directly with the customer, for example sales or retail staff, staff working on service desks, call centre staff, etc. (This course is only available through the medium of Welsh).
  • Keyskills - Communication and Application of Number Keyskills are delivered alongside the qualifications and are at levels 1 or 2.
  • All training is delivered on-site and employees are eligible for the courses if they meet the following criteria:
    • Not on any other scheme which is funded by the government.
    • Contracted to work 30+ hours per week
    • Have been an EU resident for at least 3 years

For further information on the courses or to find out more please call Shareen Jarrett directly on Freephone 0808 2000 129 or you can e-mail shareen.jarrett@cadcentreuk.com.

Free training from Denbighshire Council

Denbighshire County Council is pleased to offer free training to Direct Payment Recipients and their staff, free of charge.

For further details, please visit their website or contact the Training Department at:

Workforce Development Team,
Russell House,
Churton Road,
LL18 3DP

Alternatively, we can support you to identify courses with the local colleges, such as those offered by Llandrillo.

Coleg Llandrillo Cymru,
Llandudno Road,
LL28 4HZ.

Telephone: 01492 546 666

Fax: 01492 543 052

E-mail: admissions@llandrillo.ac.uk

Coleg Llandrillo Rhyl,
Cefndy Road,
LL18 2HG.

Telephone: 01745 354 797

Fax: 01745 334 315

E-mail: rhyladmissions@llandrillo.ac.uk

New Horizons with G2G Communities and the Open University

G2G Communities are offering training courses and Open University flexible training courses, some of which may be free. All courses are supported and flexible with drop in sessions and virtual support.

More information is available in their leaflet.

Click here to go to go to our vacancies page.

Coming soon our resource directory.

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