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Citizen Directed Support

What is Citizen Directed Support?

Citizen Directed SupportCitizen Directed Support is the Welsh approach to Self-Directed Support.

The Wales Alliance for Citizen Directed Support is spearheading this work and brings together practitioners and people using services.

The Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Bill is currently being scrutinised by the Welsh Government’s Health and Social Care Committee. This Bill provides a new way of care planning that will support person-centred planning and help move towards Citizen Directed Support, although CDS itself is not included within this bill.  It is currently intended for the bill receive royal ascent by late 2013/early 2014 with full implementation by April 2016. 

The progress of the Bill can be viewed on the Welsh Government’s website (http://www.senedd.assemblywales.org/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=5664).

More information about the development of Citizen Directed Support can be found on the websites of the Wales Alliance for Citizen Directed Support (http://wacds.org.uk/) and I Matter We Matter (http://imatterwales.org.uk/) and Disability Wales (http://www.disabilitywales.org/independent-living/direct-payments).

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